Multi-Currency Global Investments.

For our clients, the world is one big family. With this philosophy of “Vasudeva Kutukbakam”, we provide our client’s to have a truly global platform, wherein they can be investing 6 different currencies across 30 markets around the world.

This acts as their centralized portfolio, and over the years they can keep moving around the world, without the worry of changing their bank accounts and wealth platforms.

Our international investment team provides our clients with the benefit of a wide range of globally-oriented and multi-currency investment solutions.

Based on an ex-ante analysis of your specific financial situation, income needs and risk tolerance, we design and implement sophisticated investment strategies to help you achieve both long and short term financial goals.

Our products are not proprietary; therefore we solely act in the interest of the client. Investing with a partner such as Global Capital Group enables a series of unparalleled benefits, including:

  • Open Source: Full access to global investment products;
  • Personalized Investments: Agreements can be made with different fund management companies;
  • Cross Bank Advisory: Advisory services for portfolios held with other banks;
  • Superior Execution: Faster and better trade execution through Pershing LLC and Interactive Brokers LLC, providing guidance and monitoring on execution quality;
  • Independent Supervision: Independent Compliance Supervision by Tigress Financial Partners, LLC, Pershing LLC and Interactive Brokers LLC depending on which custody platform you choose