GIMS – Global Investment Management Solutions.

Currently, geographic boundaries mean nothing and HNWIs see no limitations to their dreams. We, at Finogent Advisory, enable our clients to have a truly Global Portfolio, with investments spanning across continents.

  • Multi-Currency Global Investments.

For our clients, the world is one big family. With this philosophy of “Vasudeva Kutukbakam”, we provide our client’s to have a truly global platform, wherein they can be investing 6 different currencies across 30 markets around the world.

This acts as their centralised portfolio, and over the years they can keep moving around the world, without the worry of changing their bank accounts and wealth platforms.

  • QROPS – Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme Management.

We assist you in transferring QROPS (Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme), which falls under HMRC’s (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Custom) guidelines in the UK, to overseas.