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A Must for A Secured Future : Finogent Advisory LLP

Convert your dreams into reality with effective financial planning services from Finogent Advisory. In this world of uncertainty and volatile economic conditions, every one of us wants to keep the family protected. A strong financial foundation for positive financial outcomes can secure you as well as the future of your family. We have qualified and expert financial planners to help you develop a strong strategy that can meet your financial goal. After considering your requirements, we'll put together a detailed and personalized plan to safeguard your wealth.

To ensure you meet your financial goals, Finogent Advisory uses the top line of technology, skills, and processes to tailor the plan that suits well as per your requirements. Our wealth management services can help you start your financial journey while you remain focused on building your career. Our experts can guide you with the path that can help you achieve your financial goals with limited income.

Invest with Finogent Advisory to Get the Desired Financial Results

Having a good experience in the field, we can assure you the ways to get out of your investments in a short period. Honesty, building stronger relationships, and competence are the three pillars we work on. We offer transparency about your money and the best suitable investment plan.

Grow Your Portfolio

Whether there is a drastic shift in the market or you are in the struggling phase of your career, we are also there with the updated plans to help you in your financial planning. Our experts use their expertise and skills to provide you the financial solutions that are finely tuned for these changes.

How Can Finogent Advisory help You?

* We can help you identify and prioritize the financial goals
* Help you prepare plans for your children's education or marriage
* Manage and fulfill your ambitions after retirement
* Safeguard your wealth
* Secure the future of your family against life's uncertainties

Tax Planning Services

At Finogent Advisory, we provide you with unbiased views on the financial issues that might impact your investment. We are serving several around the corner with our investment planning services to help you meet your financial goals and objectives. Our core proposition is based on the unbiased research that enables you with the financial planning and the outcomes you might be looking for.

Our experts help you implement the financial plans and monitor the progress of the plan over the year to provide you with the reviews and updates according to the market scenario. We will also provide you with suggestions and recommendations (if required) if there is any hindrance to the financial plan's progress.

Why run from pillar to pillar? Reach your goals with the appropriate financial solutions from Finogent Advisory. Make your entire financial journey smooth with the long-lasting benefits that offer you financial freedom, peace of mind, and a secured financial future.

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Core Values & Principles


“To LEAD our CUSTOMERS to a higher & better quality of life, with more time with them to spend towards their professional & personal Goals; by managing & growing their wealth with TRUST, INTEGRITY & SERVICE EXCELLENCE and delivering with the comfort of trusted friend & Councillor”


“To be the GLOBAL LEADER in PREMIUM Wealth Management by having strong,
unshakable, deep-rooted



“For Corporate Firms & HNWIs, who need effective, professional & top-notch management of their wealth portfolio with compassion & earnestness of a TRUSTED FRIEND and a COUNSELLOR; FA LLP is a leading premium Wealth Management Firm, managing their assets across diverse asset classes in India & Overseas.”

About Partners

Mr Rajat Dhar

Managing Partner

Mr. Rajat Dhar is the Managing Partner of Finogent Advisory, which is a leading private wealth management and advisory firm. With key expertise in financial planning and global wealth solutions.

The Finogent Advisory handles investments of HNIs and affluent Indians. It also is among a leading few in India for managing UK based pension funds under QROPS.

Mr. Dhar has nearly 6 years of work experience in the BFSI segment.

Mrs. Rohini Raina

Head Corporate Relations

Rohini Raina is Co-Founder & Head Corporate Relations at Finogent  Advisory.  Finogent Advisory is a Premium Wealth Management & Advisory firm, based out of New Delhi.

At Finogent Advisory, she heads Risk Management and Corporate Relations at Global Level. A well-networked professional with expertise in handling key corporate and PR issues

She has been instrumental in the steady growth of the firm.


  • Founded 2011
    Cogent Advisory. Started Mutual Fund Business
  • Setup Equity Trading Desk.
    Covered in Economic Times.
  • Set Up Global Mutual Fund Vertical.
    Covered in MINT
  • Set Up Real Estate & Corporate Investment Services.
    Covered in Adviser Perspectives, USA.
  • Set Up Alternative Investment Vertical.
    Covered in MagicBricks.
  • Rebranded As Finogent Advisory & Set Up Global Enquities Vertical.
    Featured as Expert in Economic Times.


Feel the vibe of our customers

Er. Ajnish Rana

Adam Winberg

Developing Officer

"I just wanted to say thank you for the time and energy you put in to making a financial plan for me. I am associated with them more than 3 years now, during this time I have seen the way they are managing my portfolio… it is awesome!!"

Nidhi Srivastav

Robert Caldini

Interface Designer

"It's been close to a year now when I first started using Finogentadvisory’s services. It's been a great experience for me as their representatives are truly professional who treat each and every customer as unique with unique needs. Thanks for the wonderful experience that I had and keep it up."

Ajeet Raj

Roy Steffen

Marketing Manager

"A few months ago, I was lost with my investments. I had no clue how I could efficiently organize all these and evaluate my priorities and monthly liabilities. Luck favored and I came across Finogentadvisory. Now I can just sit back and be rest assured that if I continue the investment plan I can achieve my goals. "

Our Great Clients

We serve our clients across continents and leading multinationals.